Welcome to United iSaan

During the past 100 years, the Isaan, covering nearly 40% of the land area in Thailand, changed from underdeveloped and isolated into a vibrant and thriving community. The northeast fully participates in the economic, social and political development of Thailand.

Isaan, as producer of the most excellent quality rice, is unmatched.

United iSaan is a new private organization with the aim to develop and improve rice farming in the Isaan region.


United iSaan targets

How we achieve them

Our divisions

More and better quality rice
More Green Energy
More Knowledge about latest techniques for rice farming
More income for the farmers and their families
A healthier environment

Controlled water and soil management
Mechanization of rice cultivation
Producing and using natural Fertiliser
Producing Bio-fuel out of the straw that now gets burned
Producing Green Energy
Making rice products
Waste management

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