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United Green is responsible for the production of


Natural fertilizer

In nature "green waste" of fallen leaves and twigs forms, due to degradation of microorganisms, the typical fertile humus layer. Composting is simulating this natural process. The compost extracted in this way is like the humus in forests; an ideal product to improve the soil structure and make it more fertile.


From waste to fertilizer

With the right machinery it is easy to produce natural fertilizer. Think about pruning's, leaves, hedge clippings, tree stumps, grass and much more that grows just all around us.
The green waste will be collected by United Green and brought to one of the United Green composting plants where it is sequentially mixed, reduced and converted into compost.
In the end it gets sieved to the desired size in the computer-controlled refining line. Because temperatures will rise during the process all pathogens and weed seeds will become harmless and the endproduct is a strong and environmental friendly natural fertilizer.


Energy saving

The production of compost is a relatively energy efficient process. The raw materials will be available in the region and transportation is over limited distances. Also the sale of the compost is usually done within the region. Except the use of some machines no additional energy is required for the production of compost. It even could be possible to create energy during the process, due to fermentation. In contrast, the production of chemical fertilizers consumes more energy. Production is usually not local, which means long-range transport is necessary.

 Bio Compost

How much a year?

On a yearly base more than 30,000 tonnes of green waste will be collected in an area of 30 kilometer around a United Plaza. 10,000 tons of United Bio-compost can be produced out of it.





United Clean is responsible for:

environment cleaning   

Production, services and sales of cleaning and waste handling activities.

In our purpose to create a better and healthier environment cleaning and waste handling is an important part of the total plan. Still a lot of our garbage now gets burned or buried or just thrown away along the roadside. There are the private garbage collectors but no organization that can handle all the different waste problems on a bigger scale.

The objective of United Clean is to realize:

- A waste collection system for preserving jobs for current collectors.
- Building recycling plants with the most modern technologies to recover usable raw materials.
- A street litter collection system
- Selling of recycled materials
- Street cleaning, sewer cleaning and facade cleaning.

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Welcome to United iSaan

During the past 100 years, the Isaan, covering nearly 40% of the land area in Thailand, changed from underdeveloped and isolated into a vibrant and thriving community. The northeast fully participates in the economic, social and political development of Thailand.

Isaan, as producer of the most excellent quality rice, is unmatched.

United iSaan is a new private organization with the aim to develop and improve rice farming in the Isaan region.


United iSaan targets

How we achieve them

Our divisions

More and better quality rice
More Green Energy
More Knowledge about latest techniques for rice farming
More income for the farmers and their families
A healthier environment

Controlled water and soil management
Mechanization of rice cultivation
Producing and using natural Fertiliser
Producing Bio-fuel out of the straw that now gets burned
Producing Green Energy
Making rice products
Waste management

United Plaza
United Energy
United Green
United Clean