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Bram Jansen has been working in The Netherlands for several industrial companies when he started Biomass Nederland, a company that generated electricity using wood waste and paper residue as fuel to reduce CO2 emissions. But he kept on looking for further innovation and development of alternative energy. His journey took him to the Dutch prince Friso who advised him to look beyond European borders because that’s where the opportunities are.


Bram arrived in Thailand and he realized that Asia has an enormous potential in terms of biomass industry with abundant straw available after the rice harvest. The North East of Thailand with 17 million hectares of farmland, 21 million people and a rice production of 12 million tons a year was the ideal area to put the plan he has been working on into practice.

2010 – 2015

The first pilot project started under the name iSaan Power

  • Straw from the Isaan was tested in a lab in Germany with positive results
  • at a location in the middle of the Isaan the building of a test hall was completed with one production line.
  • Some machinery was tested for the water and soil management and the rice production.
  • Preparation for the building of the first United Plaza

Results of the pilot project were positive and have been presentated to financers such as the Worldbank.

January 2016

iSaan Power becomes The United iSaan group Co., Ltd.


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