At United iSaan our mission is ambitious:

We want to be the producers of the best rice in the world. To be able to keep the top position as the biggest rice exporter in the world we will focus on clear purposes and values. Production of excellent rice in a professional way using practical technologies.

Our customers are entitled to a top performance.

It will be their demands and expectations that we want to measure ourselves and surpass if possible. For we know: only with outstanding product quality, exemplary service, price worthiness, reliability, transparency and the highest delivery reliability, we can also maintain and expand our market position and reputation in the future.

Work and income for many

With the production of bio- fuel out of straw, Green Energy power plants, ricefactories and waste handling we will create more jobs and higher income for the people of isaan. The people that work for United iSaan are the fundaments of our company and of great importance to us. At United iSaan we create conditions that encourage exceptional performance, satisfaction and constructive and creative exchange. Because only in that way a climate of innovation can arise which promotes growth and will also ensure the base of our economic success in the future. Our business motto is:

“Farmers progress to a better life and bright future”


Abraham Jansen
C.E.O. United iSaan Co., Ltd.

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