“Farmers are the backbone of the country”

is a statement made by a former Thai politician and with 23 % of the national labor force being farmers that sounds like a fact. But it is also a group with many low income households.

rice farmers


Many governments have been subsidizing the farmers. Rice farmers have been for a long time dependent on these subsidies which has been costing the nation lots of money and hardly improved the standards of living for the rice farmers and their families.

Higher income for farmers

With the United iSaan projects this could all change drastically. The income of the farmers will rise because of better quality rice and bigger quantities. (also the possibility to harvest twice a year). Besides there will be extra income from the sales of the straw and more jobs being generated from projects such as the rice factories and other activities from the United iSaan group.

This means that the rice farmers will have a sufficient income and subsidy is not necessary anymore. More income = more spending which benefits the economics of the iSaan and the whole of Thailand.

“The (rice) farmers should be able to take care of themselves”

is another political statement. United iSaan can help to achieve this wish.