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Natural fertilizer

In nature “green waste” of fallen leaves and twigs forms, due to degradation of microorganisms, the typical fertile humus layer. Composting is simulating this natural process. The compost extracted in this way is like the humus in forests; an ideal product to improve the soil structure and make it more fertile.

From waste to fertilizer

With the right machinery it is easy to produce natural fertilizer. Think about pruning’s, leaves, hedge clippings, tree stumps, grass and much more that grows just all around us.
The green waste will be collected by United Green and brought to one of the United Green composting plants where it is sequentially mixed, reduced and converted into compost.
In the end it gets sieved to the desired size in the computer-controlled refining line. Because temperatures will rise during the process all pathogens and weed seeds will become harmless and the endproduct is a strong and environmental friendly natural fertilizer.

Energy saving

The production of compost is a relatively energy efficient process. The raw materials will be available in the region and transportation is over limited distances. Also the sale of the compost is usually done within the region. Except the use of some machines no additional energy is required for the production of compost. It even could be possible to create energy during the process, due to fermentation. In contrast, the production of chemical fertilizers consumes more energy. Production is usually not local, which means long-range transport is necessary.

How much a year?

On a yearly base more than 30,000 tonnes of green waste will be collected in an area of 30 kilometer around a United Plaza. 10,000 tons of United Bio-compost can be produced out of it.

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