The United Plaza is the centre of the United Isaan Group activities. There will be 72 United Plaza’s all over the Isaan

At the United Plaza farmers and their families will come to their own shopping mall where they can buy, rent and learn about the
many products and possibilities for rice farmers.

United Plaza

Main activities will be:

Sales and rental of machinery and equipment

The most modern and most practical machines and equipment will be available here to improve the quality and quantity of the rice production.

Sales products related to the rice industry

From seeds and natural fertilizer to finished rice products from the rice factory

Storage of straw

At 12 of the United Plaza’s the straw from the rice fields in the region will be collected and stored to be transported regularly to one of the 6 production plants where the bales of straw will be processed into bio fuel.

Knowledge and Education Centre

Courses and training sessions will be given here to keep up to date with the latest technologies and methods available.

Cooperation of farmers office

Here you can find the administration and management of the Plaza, get information about the projects and answers to your questions.

Petrol station and Car Care for cars and machinery

Restaurants with children play garden and drive-inn food shop