United Energy is responsible for:


factory design



Bio fuel production

The straw that comes from the ricefields is being processed at a plant into pellets. These pellets have a high energy density and are perfect to use as fuel. 6 Bio Fuel production plants will be able to produce each 720.000 tons of United Bio fuel pellets a year. But out development department works hard for look out of the box for alternative applications. For example the pellets can also be used for the production of interior design boards, 3-D print materials.


United Energy


Green energy

The 6x 720.000 tons of Bio fuel will be used to generate electricity at a power plant. Electricity that can be used in the region. With 6 High efficiency electrical power installations it will be possible to produce 6x 130 Mw electricity a year which can provide 485.000 households of electricity.

 Rice Mill  

Rice factory

During the process at the powerplant to get electricity large amounts of low-pressure steam are released. We are not going to waste this but will use it to operate a factory ; a rice factory where various kind of rice products are being made, such as rice crackers, mihun, Japanese snacks, rice crispies etc. Because the rice has been grown in a natural way the quality of the rice but also the rice water will be much higher than with chemical growing. The ricewater is an ideal base for natural beauty products and traditional medicines.

 co2 reduction  

CO2 reduction

An important effect of this way of generating electricity is the reduction of CO2 emissions. Using Bio fuel instead of coal or gas will reduce CO2 emissions in iSaan by kg CO2 a year.


How many and where?

There will be 6 locations ( the United Centres ) all over iSaan where United Energy will operate.